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For accountability The Executive committee meets with the General members once in a month in an assembly popularly known as’ "QUESTION & ANSWER DAY" to know their problems for immediate solution, besides, every day the President, Secretaries and members of the EC remain present both at Custom House, and at Port to solve instant problems of the members. The Association also represents in all Govt., semi Govt., private committees and institutions concerning Port, Customs, Vat, and other related matters.

Besides, Executive Committee, the Association has a number of Sub-committees consisting of the members of the EC and General members to assist the executive committee in carrying out the responsibilities reposed on it. These committees are formed after the newly- elected Executive committee assumes offices. Number of this committee is increasing with the expansion of the activities of the Association.

Enviable transparency in the Accounts-keeping system of the Association is ensured so as to make it an eye- opener for others. Presentation of the audited accounts, budget of the Association in the A.G.M. held once in every year for approval is mandatory as per constitution of the Association. Open discussion about the audited accounts and budget is allowed in the A.G.M, which is considered to be the platform of the General members to express their opinion on the activities of the Association.

For the financial benefit of the members, the Association has formed, welfare funds. Family of deceased members is provided with financial assistance and ailing members are provided with funds for treatment of serious diseases from this fund. People affected by natural calamities like flood, deluge, cyclone etc. are provided with monetary help as a part of charitable activities.

Observance of National days like Independence Day, Victory Day, International language day, Eid-E-Milad-Un-Nabi etc. in addition to arranging annual picnic is a part of socio-cultural activities.

For the financial benefit of the members the Association has undertaken an ambitious project namely "C&F Tower", a 15-storied building at Agrabad Commercial Area. The project aims at ameliorating financial condition of the members by way of payment of dividend to them against their share money invested in the project and augmenting the funds of the association out of the income by way of rent. Construction of the C&F Tower is likely to be completed within a very short span of time. Thus long-cherished dream of the members will be translated into a reality and a new chapter will usher in, in the annals of the association.

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