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First Schedule (2016 - 2017)
Section-3 (Fats & Oils)
Section-4 (Foodstafs, Beverages, Spirits Tobacco)
Section-5 (Mineral Products)
Section-7 (Rubber & Rubber Products)
Section-8 (Hides & Skins, Leather)
Section-9 (Wood & Articles of Wood)
Section-10 (Pulp Paper or Paperboard)
Section-12 (Footwear, Artificial Flowers; Articles of Human Hair)
Section-13 (Ceramic Products; Glass & Glassware)
Section-14 (Precious, Stone, Metal, Jewellery)
Section-16 (Machinery & Mechanical Appliances)
Section-17 (Vehicles, Aircrafts, Vessels)
Section-18 (Medical or Surgical Instruments & Apparatus)
Section-19 (Arms & Ammunition)
Section-20 (Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles)
Section-21 (Works of Arts, Collections, Pieces & Antiques)
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